COVID-19 Updates

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We will post customer-related announcements to this page for the duration of today’s rapidly evolving COVID-19 environment. We want to be able to share information as quickly and accurately as possible. 

March 18: Customer Speed Enhancements & Community Wi-Fi Locations Announced

Now, more than ever, a reliable connection is essential. Mosaic is honoring its commitment to both extraordinary service and the well-being of our community by taking the following steps: 

Complimentary Residential and Business Speed Upgrades*

Yesterday, March 17th, we automatically upgraded the Internet speed of every Mosaic fiber-connected** home and by 100-400 Mbps. This speed upgrade is ENTIRELY COMPLIMENTARY and is intended to support any increased demand due to school closures, work from home applications and general Internet usage. The symmetrical capability of fiber (equal upload and download speeds) is ideal for these usage scenarios. This upgrade enables us to confidently support your unforeseen Internet demands while promoting recommended social-distancing practices. As a Mosaic customer, your Internet usage is always unlimited and will not be constrained by data caps.

* These complimentary upgrades will remain in place for the next 60 days. We will reevaluate needs and make any determination for continuation after that time.
**To be specific all customers (res & bus) on 100/100 and 250/250 internet were upgraded to 500/500 where we could accomplish this without making a trip to the customer's home; keeping the customer and our technicians safe. Due to bandwidth restraints of older, legacy Internet platforms, this complimentary upgrade is only applicable to fiber-connected locations where equipment can manage appropriately. 

Community Wi-Fi Locations

To ensure connectivity for all residents, we have opened up public Wi-Fi locations in various spots around the community.  Any community member is welcome to log on for free.  
These locations include:

  • Barron office, 611 E La Salle Ave, Barron 
  • Chetek office, 704 2nd St, Chetek 
  • Rice Lake office, 20 North Wilson Ave, Rice Lake 
  • Cameron office, 401 S. 1st Street, Cameron 

To connect at these locations choose the "ExperienceMosaic" network from your device's Wi-Fi settings.  When prompted choose to join Network.  You will not be asked for a password.  Usage is unlimited. 

March 17: Message to our customers

Here at Mosaic Telecom, we take seriously our responsibility to help slow the spread of COVID-19. As such, we are taking additional steps to safeguard the health of our customers, employees and neighbors, and maintain our superior service to the homes, businesses and facilities in the communities we serve. Now, more than ever, a reliable connection is essential. Mosaic is honoring its commitment to both extraordinary service and the well-being of our community by taking the following steps: 

Beginning Tuesday, March 17th, we will temporarily suspend all in-person customer service activities. While all facets of our business will continue, our office will be closed to the public until further notice. 

Customer Service 

New service: To order service, please call 715-458-5400. We will do our best to accommodate service installations for as long as it is safe and reasonable for our team to do so. Please be advised we have implemented protections for both our customers and our technicians. Our technicians have also been equipped with gloves and masks for better protection. 


  • Mail payments to 401 S. 1st Street, P.O. Box 664, Cameron, WI 54822 
  • Pay online with e-billing.  
  • Pay with credit/debit card over the phone at 715-458-5400 
  • Deposit payments at one of our dropbox locations: 

                       Barron office, 611 E La Salle Ave, Barron 

                       Chetek office, 704 2nd St, Chetek 

                       Rice Lake office, 20 North Wilson Ave, Rice Lake 

                       Rice Lake City Hall,  30 E Eau Claire Street, Rice Lake 

                       Cameron office, 401 S. 1st Street, Cameron 

Technical Support: For service-related questions or support, you may contact us 24/7 at 715-458-5400. 

Guaranteed internet speed and reliability 

As a Mosaic customer, the amount of data you can use over your internet connection is never limited. Our fiber-connected homes enjoy equal upload and download speeds – ideal for online education and work-from-home scenarios. Please contact us if you’d like to upgrade your Internet speed or discuss any changes to your account. 715-458-5400. 

* Higher speeds available in some areas. Please contact our sales office for more information on pricing and availability. Some restrictions and service requirements may apply.