Mosaic Telecom—Keeping You Connected to the World

A quick and efficient Internet connection is a must in households everywhere. For many towns in Northwestern Wisconsin, Mosaic Telecom is your answer to having a lightening quick Internet speed. We'll make sure you can access to current events and keep in touch with your friends and family whenever you need to. Find your city below, and learn how Mosaic can meet all of your Internet needs!

High Speed Internet

  • 75 Mbps

    Connection Package
    Package Includes:

    • Up to 75/15 Mbps

    • 5 email accounts

    $56.95Per Month


*Some restrictions and service requirements may apply. Service commitment may be required and/or installation charge may apply. High speed service will be provided using either DSL or 700 MHz connectivity depending on location. Speeds may vary upon location and are not guaranteed minimum speeds.

****Service availability determined by location


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