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Meeting Your Internet Needs and Answering Your Questions

At Mosaic Telecom, we understand that you might have questions about how our Internet services work. We also know that sometimes you just want to have quick access to the answers to those questions. That's why we've provided a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to our Internet services. If you still don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call!


Can I use my Mosaic Telecom assigned username and password for E-Billing?

The E-Billing username and password is one that you setup and can be anything you want it to be within the set restrictions. The restrictions are as follows:

  • The username can consist of any combination of letters and numbers and be 6 to 31 characters long.

  • The password can consist of any combination of letters and numbers and be 6 to 31 characters long.

  • The password is case-sensitive, therefore you must use uppercase/lowercase letters in password exactly as you wish to use them when you login.

How can I get all of my telephone numbers to show up under one E-Billing account?

If you have multiple account numbers and would like one username to include all accounts, contact us to set that up.

How do I download my usage?

Click on Download Usage then Save File in the Unknown File Type window. Decide what folder to save the file in and name the file something recognizable like tele-jan, or tele-feb and click Save. Use a spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Works, Lotus or other) to open the file.

Is my account information secure?

Yes, your account information is secure. The entire E-Billing web site is secured using a VeriSign Digital Certificate.

What are call types?

Call types represent the type of call made or received as indicated below.

  • DD = Direct Dialed Day

  • DE = Direct Dialed Evening

  • DN = Direct Dialed Night

  • D = Direct Dialed

  • CD = Calling Card Day

  • CE = Calling Card Evening

  • CN = Calling Card Night

  • C = Calling Card

  • OD = Operator Handled Day

  • WF = Wireless Off Off-pk

  • WO = Wireless Off Peak

  • WP = Wireless Peak

  • WD = Wireless Directory Assistance

  • DF = Wireless Data Off Off-pk

  • DO = Wireless Data Off Peak

  • DP = Wireless Data Peak

  • VID = Wireless Multimedia/Video

  • SMS = Wireless SMS

  • MD = Wireless Mobile to Mobile Day

  • ME = Wireless Mobile to Mobile Evening

  • MN = Wireless Mobile to Mobile Night

  • MF = Wireless Mobile to Mobile Off Off-pk

  • MO = Wireless Mobile to Mobile Off Peak

  • MP = Wireless Mobile to Mobile Peak

  • RF = Wireless Roaming Off Off-pk

  • RO = Wireless Roaming Off Peak

  • RP = Wireless Roaming Peak

What if I forget my username and/or password?

You will need to contact us to have it reset. For security reasons we do not provide username and password information over the Internet or email.

What is E-Billing?

E-billing is short for Electronic Billing; which is a service that allows you to view, sort, download and/or pay your monthly bill electronically via the Internet.

Four payment options are available through E-Billing; Automatic bank deduct, automatic credit card payment, regular credit card payment and postal mail. Click here to go to the E-Billing web site.

Why do I get "Data Missing" when I go back a page?

This happens when you use the browser's Back button to go back a page. For best results, us the navigation links on the E-Billing web pages not the Back and Forward buttons on the browser's toolbar.

Why does it say "There is no toll available for download", when I click on View Usage?

Space constraints limit the detailed call usage to two months previous.

Why doesn't my payment reflect in E-Billing?

E-billing displays the monthly statement and call detail; it does not display the actual account balance.

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