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Meeting Your Internet Needs and Answering Your Questions

At Mosaic Telecom, we understand that you might have questions about how our Internet services work. We also know that sometimes you just want to have quick access to the answers to those questions. That's why we've provided a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to our Internet services. If you still don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call!


Can the PopUp Blocker be disabled?

Yes, it can also be easily bypassed with a CTRL button + Click shortcut.

Do I have to leave my computer on all of the time?

No, if you happen to have your computer off at the time the program runs its various scanning processes and updates, they will automatically run the next time that you turn your computer on. The one advantage of leaving the PC on, at least on the days that is does run updates, is that this will assure no updates run and take performance away from the PC when you are using it.

Do I still have to have a separate anti-virus program?

No, the Anti-Virus+ and Anti-Virus service will provide you with everything you need to safely navigate the Internet and effectively and efficiently use your computer.

How do I know that I am being protected?

You will receive a monthly email detailing the activities that have been executed by your Anti-Virus software. In addition, you can check the Online Reports anytime, which are updated every 24 hours. The Online Reports can be found at http://reports.securitycoverage.com. Each customer assigns their own username and password when they register for the first time. This username and password are utilized to connect to the Online Reports.

How do Parental Controls work?

Please click here for the Parental Control User's Guide

How does the Remote Support work?

Remote Support can be reached at 1-877-373-3320 during the business hours of 8:00 am - 8:00 pm. They are also on-call 24x7. Just call the same number and leave a message for technical support and the on-call support person will get paged and will get back in contact with you. Remote Support is not active unless a customer specifically initiates the remote client and calls the technician for a one time support code.

How often does it scan?

It has two default features. First, it is scheduled to run a complete system scan once a week. Secondly, it is scheduled to provide real time protection for your computer, so as intrusive programs attempt to download to the PC, the Symantec Corporate edition catches and prevents that from happening.

How often does it update?

The service looks for an update every 15 minutes. When a new set of definition files are found they are automatically applied.

If a Windows patch is known to cause problems, can it be stopped from being released to the end customer?

Yes, the updates are tested prior to being released.

If I already have Spybot or Adaware installed, will that cause a problem?

Yes, these types of programs need to be removed or un-installed prior to installing Anti-Virus or Anti-Virus+.

If I subscribe to Anti-Virus+, do I still need Red Condor?

We are suggesting that you keep Red Condor because without it, you may receive emails that contain viruses or SPAM. Red Condor will block these emails from being delivered to you. Without Red Condor, you will need to delete these messages from your inbox.

Is the Anti-Virus/Anti-Virus+ service available for Mac users?

No, not at this time.

Is there anything that I need to do to keep things updated?

No, the value of this service is that it applies all updates and runs all of its various scans behind the scenes without you having to worry.

What does Anti-Virus+/Anti-Virus use for virus protection?

We use Sourcefires ClamAV Protection. Renowned for its speed and accuracy, ClamAV has been adopted by network security solution and service providers worldwide and is currently integrated within leading enterprise solutions.

What if I have/use a firewall?

Since our service never contacts your computer, and the vast majority of firewalls are designed to block incoming traffic, this software is compatible with 99+% of all firewalls.

What is Anti-Virus+/Anti-Virus?

Both services provide fully managed computer virus and threat protection and automated Microsoft patch updates that are fully tested prior to installation. They also offer spyware threat detection and removal, Internet Explorer popup and ad blocking, along with firewall protection.

What is used for spyware protection?

We use Spybot Search and Destroy as our main search engine. We have also taken the protection from spyware a step further and built our own real-time scan and removal mechanism. This helps us ensure that each computer is protected with enterprise level protection. In 2011 Secure IT partnered with security firm BitDefender to incorporate their anti-malware components into SecureIT 2011. Provided also now with this is, Antivirus (real-time and manual scanning, Antiphishing, and a firewall.

What Windows updates are provided automatically?

Critical and Security Updates and patches.

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