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John has divided his models into two distinct pages. The first page shows the only models John has available at this time for general sales. Since most of the John's work over the past five years has been commissioned models, there are only a limited number of models already built and ready for sale. The following link will take you to the page showing these models.

Ship and Boat models for general sales

The second page shows photographs of models John has built that he no longer has copies of to sell. Most of these models include commissioned models and therefore only the single model delivered to the client was built. The rest of the models on the second page are those John has sold all the available copies of over 27 years of professional modeling work. This second page of John's models is included to show the level of detail, and John's skills at building miniature sailing ship and boat models for potential commission clients. John can be commissioned to build a model, or models, of just about any type of sailing boat or ship, and in any of the configurations shown on this site. John prefers light bulbs for his modeling efforts, mainly due to the far superior clarity of the glass used for light bulbs.

Ship and Boat Model Showcase