Top Reasons to Be a Friend of the Library--and Invite Your Friends to be Friends of the Library

  1. Raising money for the Rice Lake Public Library, a community gem.
  2. Supporting children's reading programs.
  3. Supporting the library's many free programs for the community, especially important during difficult economic times.
  4. Helping the library buy books to give to children at library events.
  5. Receiving monthly emails about upcoming library events and activities.
  6. Supporting the Back Alley Bookstore, where we sell books for as low as 50 cents, making it easier for community members to own their own books while raising money for library programs.
  7. Getting involved and serving the community.
  8. Meeting other library- and book-lovers like yourself.
  9. Deducting your membership dues on your income taxes.
  10. Supporting the local arts community by sponsoring innovative art and music programs.
  11. Enjoying the great feeling of helping your local library.
  12. Gee, just being a Friend has such positive connotations!


If you'd like to pass on the information to a potential Friend, here is our brochure and our 2010 membership drive letter

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Friends of the Library USA!

How much should you pay for your membership dues?
You can pay as little as $1 or as much as you like!  We value all of our Friends.  If you're interested in actually calculating the value of your public library usage, the Maine State Library has developed a handy "Library Use Value Calculator" in which you enter the number of times your household uses specific library services, and the calculator estimates the retail value of such services.

To join the Friends, please give us the following information:

You may use any of the following options to join:

  • complete our membership form, and drop it off with your dues at the library, or mail it to the address below.
  • write the above information on a piece of paper, and drop it off with your dues at the library, or mail it to the address below
  • pay online using our new PayPal option! (Use the button to the right, and make sure to click the "Update Total" button after you enter your amount.)


* Membership dues are tax deductible.

Send your information and payment to
Friends of the Library
2 E. Marshall St.
Rice Lake, WI   54868

Or use PayPal:


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